• WAYB Pico Travel Car Seat Review

    I have a confession. I am shamelessly addicted to crowdfunding. My sordid crowdfunding past Jake can tell you that a few of my historic Indiegogo and Kickstarter purchases have ranged from less than ideal (a la Jibo, the social robot) to abject failure. Nevertheless, a few have fully restored my faith in crowdfunding as an… Keep Reading

    WAYB Pico Travel Car Seat Review
  • The Secret to Surviving Parenthood

    Going through the undergrad/medical school/residency/fellowship grind took us pretty far from home. Louisville to NashvilleNashville to IndianapolisIndianapolis to AugustaAugusta to NashvilleNashville to Augusta We were lucky to know at least a handful of people in most of our locations, if only by meeting them first online. Once we had our first child in Indy, the… Keep Reading

    The Secret to Surviving Parenthood
  • Zella the Zebra…Fish

    ADNP syndrome has stolen so much from our girl. At nearly 4.5 years old although she can chug along slowly with a walker, Zella is still unable to walk independently. She has a handful of approximations and signs, but we fear she may never utter a single word. Zella still can not scoop food onto… Keep Reading

    Zella the Zebra…Fish