• Summertime in Augusta

    Nothing says summer like hitting 101 degrees A few days in to an amazing #Steichler vacation with our long time friends, just when I thought our life was finally slowing down, we got the call that our oldest had booked another acting gig. We were shocked and excited…especially when we found that he would begin… Keep Reading

    Summertime in Augusta
  • Cybex PRIAM 3-in-1 Travel System Review

    A huge thank you to the Evenflo Savvy Parents Sampling Program for providing me with the Cybex PRIAM 3-in-1 Travel System in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed below are my own. At first glance I was shocked by the incredibly high-end look and feel of this stroller. The seat fabric is excellent… Keep Reading

    Cybex PRIAM 3-in-1 Travel System Review
  • Adulting: Nutrition Edition

    Bad Habits I grew up in a house where we had a fairly balanced dinner each night, save for our trips to beloved Taco Bell in between Tuesday’s dance and violin lessons. After-school snacks, however, were epic. Many afternoons I would come home from middle or high school and make and eat an ENTIRE box… Keep Reading

    Adulting: Nutrition Edition